Digitally Empowered Small Businesses

A Nation of Digitally Empowered Small Businesses

LIFT Episode 1

Sweet Sales for Skinny Sticks Maple Syrup

Skinny Sticks Maple Syrup, Marathon, WI

When Mitch Hoyt started making maple syrup, he never imagined the sweet side gig could turn into a successful online business. Now less than a decade later, Skinny Sticks’ Maple Syrup is generating more than a million dollars of revenue a year, with customers, partners, and distributors clamoring for more.

LIFT Episode 2

A Fashion Legacy Saved by Technology

Pietro NYC Handbags, New York City, NY

They don’t see the struggles we go through. Any dollar we can save with technology, we can put back into the business for machinery, people, marketing.

LIFT Episode 3

If You Build It Online, They Will Come

Colony Pumpkin Patch, North Liberty, IA

When the economic realities of modern agriculture hit home in 2005, Katie and Dean Colony knew they needed a fresh approach to save their Iowa family farm.

LIFT Episode 4

From Farmhouse to Your House Via the Web

Geoff’s Farmhouse Tables, Easley, SC

The bet Myles Hagan made with his mother paid off in a big way. She didn’t think he could build a table like the one she saw in Pottery Barn. She lost the bet -- and Hagan won the determination to turn the challenge into a successful woodworking business, Geoff’s Farmhouse Tables.

LIFT Episode 5

A Bedtime Story Washington Needs to Hear

Beddy's, West Jordan, UT

On the night before Christmas — and every other night — Betsy Mikesell and Angie White have visions of children...

LIFT Episode 6

Ready to Ruck, Online and Off

GORUCK, Jacksonville Beach, FL

If you’ve never heard of rucking, it’s not for lack of trying on Jason McCarthy’s part. The former Green Beret is determined to make the rucking of special forces lore, or moving with weight on your back, bigger than running. That’s the mission of GORUCK, the business he founded.

LIFT Episode 7

The Soap Queen’s Success Story

Bramble Berry, Bellingham, WA

When you live in a city of 89,000 people and a small number of them make their own soap, it’s tough to make a living as a supplier to soap makers -- unless you do it online. That is exactly how Anne-Marie Faiola turned her pastime into a profession.

LIFT Episode 8

SleepPhones Is Music to Tired Ears

SleepPhones, Erie, PA

Sleep comes easier to Wei-Shin Lai now that she wears SleepPhones to bed. The profit comes easier, too, because the "headphones in a headband" that she invented with her husband, Jason Wolfe, have become a big seller online.

Small Businesses and Digital


of U.S. small businesses report that digital tools are critical to their success



more likely to have created jobs


more likely to reach

new, international customers


more likely to experience customer growth, which is on average twice as high

More Revenue


more likely to experience

revenue growth


more likely to experience

higher revenue growth


more likely to experience

revenue growth in the next year



as profitable


A syrup maker. A carpenter. A tea-house. Small businesses drive innovation, job growth, and the world’s economy. We should do all that we can to invest in their future and empower them with the resources they need to succeed. Year after year, large technology companies invest billions of dollars for research and development to ensure small businesses succeed. For small businesses today, online tools, platforms, and marketplaces empower growth, profitability, and sustainability. These nearly 30 million digitally-empowered small businesses are core to our communities and essential to our economy. Supporting their future is a good investment.

LIFT, a collection of small businesses across the country, gives an in-depth perspective of how access to digital tools, platforms, and marketplaces allow them to run their business more efficiently, reduce costs, create jobs, grow faster, and be more competitive. As Congress and policymakers discuss issues within the technology sector, it is crucial that they consider the small businesses that rely on the technology, platforms, and services that larger companies provide. 

According to an analysis recently released by the global research firm Deloitte, 85% of small businesses report that digital tools have helped their business. These small businesses that use digital tools are 3x more likely to experience customer growth and 2x as profitable than their non-digital competitors. Policymakers have an incredible opportunity to support American small business innovation and growth by ensuring their maintained access to affordable, scalable, and secure services. 

LIFT is comprised of small business member companies of the Connected Commerce Council (3C), a non-profit membership organization for digitally-empowered small businesses that provides resources and training for companies to run and grow their business. 3C provides small businesses with access to the market’s most effective digital tools available, provides coaching to optimize growth and efficiency, and works to cultivate a policy environment that considers and respects the interest of today’s small businesses.