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Leveraging Digital Tools to Grow Travel Blogs

Miami, FL

Morgan Overholt grew up near Tennessee’s Smoky Mountains exploring all its wonders, from the Great Smoky Mountains National Park to Dollywood Parks and Resorts. With the help of her husband and sister, Morgan combined her journalism background with her love for travel to create The Smokies, a regional travel blog that helps vacationers plan trips to the Smokey Mountains and its surrounding areas.

Since moving to Florida, Morgan and her team have expanded their business to include blogs dedicated to Miami and Orlando tourism. They provide eager tourists with travel tips, advice, and guides. Morgan’s team uses social media and Google Trends to ensure they publish content their readers want to see and use. The blogs receive five million views annually, and they have over 125,000 engaged social media followers. With such a large following, Morgan publishes digital ads on her blogs to earn revenue. 

Digital tools help Morgan and her team make money and grow, but Florida’s new data privacy law that makes it harder for businesses to advertise could have huge negative consequences. Morgan hopes Florida lawmakers realize that what they’re doing will harm small businesses like hers and urges them to repeal this misguided legislation.
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