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Member Spotlight: Andreea Matei, Founder of Launch Grow Joy

Growing up in Communist controlled Romania, Andreea Matei has taken full advantage of the entrepreneurial avenues available in the United States.  She has launched and sold three companies and her experience from those ventures led her to found Launch Grow Joy.  The company provides advice and training to aspiring small business owners to help them avoid some of the pitfalls she ran into.  Through the expanded availability of various digital tools, Andreea can reach her clients and educate them on the innovations that are driving small business success.

Rather than pay thousands of dollars for a traditional PR company, or for advertisements in legacy media outlets, businesses now have the opportunity to connect with consumers through affordable and customizable targeted campaigning on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. Website building services have made establishing an online presence simple and expedient.  Andreea can now connect subscribers to her service to media outlets that can best boost their brand, all from her home. Her online courses are utilized by small business owners across the country who are eager to learn how to maximize their e-commerce potential.

Helping entrepreneurs has been Andreea’s goal since she founded Launch Grow Joy, and access to digital platforms is crucial not only to her success, but also to the success of her clients.  Technology has made operating a small business more straightforward, and connecting with consumers more simple. It is now the cornerstone of most business models and the basis of the thriving small business community.  Andreea became a board member of the Connected Commerce Council because she shares in the organization’s desire to inform small business owners about the digital tools for prosperity that are available to them.

Read more about Andreea’s conviction to help small businesses access the digital marketplace here.  

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