Small businesses utilizing – or interested in utilizing – digital tools to power their business join 3C at no cost. Members can access several benefits and advocate for policies that consider and respect the interests of today’s small businesses:

  • Digital Resources: online classes and resource directory.
  • Local Activities: in market training and events + national network of mentors.
  • Advocacy Opportunities: empowering passionate small business leaders and connecting them with local, state, and federal policymakers.

3C invites businesses with fewer than 500 full-time employees that utilize digital tools and technologies to support and grow their businesses to join as members at no cost. For more information about 3C, membership, contact:

Join the Connected Commerce Council to:

» Access resources and discounts

  • Online classes and a library of problem-solving programs and approaches to help you and your team get the most from your digital tools and technologies.
  • Our partners offer small business members discounts, additional levels of service, and other valuable benefits.
  • Links to business software company FAQs, support options, and customer service are gathered in a central directory for your convenience.

» Participate in local training and events

  • Local events and trainings to provide hands-on education and skills development for small businesses and their teams.
  • A national network of mentors and local events mean you are never alone when making tough decisions about your business.

» Be an advocate for your business

  • 3C educates federal and state policymakers on the importance of technology to small businesses and the consequences of limiting access to those tools and resources.
  • 3C fights for small businesses and against new rules and laws that could unintentionally harm your business with overly broad and ill-informed regulation.
  • 3C connects small businesses directly with elected officials, providing a unique and valuable voice to the regulatory and legislative process.

Stand up for connected small businesses and enjoy the benefits of membership.