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Providing a Welcoming Community for New Parents

Nina Spears, a mother of two from Houston, TX, started working with expectant mothers in January of 2011 as a baby planner, birth and postpartum doula, childbirth and newborn care educator, and massage therapist. Since then, she has assisted over 700 families and attended over 300 births. Nicknamed “The Baby Chick,” Nina launched her business with her husband, Brian, on Mother’s Day 2015 to answer common questions and equip new parents with the resources they need from pregnancy to parenthood.

Today,’s pregnancy, birth, postpartum, and parenting content gets 4 million worldwide page views monthly. The website’s team of writers and reviewers work to provide inclusive content that makes users feel like they are talking to “an expert and educated friend.”

Digital tools have been a massive component of Baby Chick’s success. Brian and Nina began their business by focusing heavily on digital advertising and posts on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest to sell their custom t-shirts and help their target audience discover their resource. In 2017, they stopped selling t-shirts and pivoted their company to digital media. They rely on programmatic display advertising to generate revenue, which helps fuel their company growth and pay their employees. They’re now expanding to TikTok and YouTube to highlight their educational content. To publish high-performing content, Brian and Nina utilize Google Analytics to see what posts get the most interaction. They also use tools like Google Workspace, Slack, and Discord to stay connected with their global team. 

Baby Chick looks forward to continuing to provide a welcoming environment for new parents to get the answers to all of their questions, but Brian and Nina are worried about legislation that could break apart the digital tools that help their company run so smoothly. “Congress must remember that inexpensive digital tools make it easier for small companies like us to find customers and grow. New laws that punish Google and Facebook will also hurt us and other small businesses, which is completely unacceptable,” says Nina.

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