Victoria Wise

Victoria Wise

Madeworthy Media, Founder and CEO

Victoria Wise has deep experience as an entrepreneur and marketer. In 2011, Victoria co-launched Jewelry Nut Auctions, an online company that found a unique way to sell accessories and clothing through live auctions on Facebook. With annual sales over $1M, Victoria and her partner sold the company after three lively years to pursue other ventures.

In April 2015, inspired by her passion for marketing on Facebook, Victoria co-founded a boutique social media marketing agency. In June of that same year, she found an opportunity to launch a local blog and business directory tied to the popular local Facebook group, Tanglewood Moms, that she had created in 2011.

In 2017, Victoria launched a new print magazine. A truly unique publication, Madeworthy is an extension of the website and online community. It reaches families in a nostalgic way through professionally-written editorial content in a vibrant, large format.

Victoria is a founding member of Texas Christian University’s Women to the Power of 10, and is looking forward to her new role as board member for the Lone Star Film Society. She is mom to four children: Rowan, Lollie, Griffin, and Graham.