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Congress: don’t dismantle small businesses’ digital safety net

Some lawmakers are ignoring the millions of small businesses that use free and innovative tools and services supported by American technology platforms that may be collateral damage if overregulation makes digital tools more expensive or less effective.

Here are some real-life small business impacts of S. 2992 “big is bad” legislation:


May force platforms to end free services and increase prices of today’s affordable digital tools, resulting in less accessible and more expensive tools and services, and creating costs and difficulties for small businesses trying to reach new customers.


Could outlaw platforms’ ability to elevate their own services and products over similar ones provided by competitors, forcing Google Search to ban Google Business Profiles, Google Maps, and YouTube videos in search results, though these are tools that small businesses utilize for their business and are able to keep updated efficiently for free.


May force Amazon to close its Marketplace to small businesses causing them to lose access to a valuable channel to reach customers nationwide. Because the legislation’s huge fines and crippling restrictions make it untenable to run a marketplace that hosts small businesses.


May force platforms to spin off into several independent companies, robbing small businesses of the benefits platforms provide: affordability, accessibility, ease of use, and rapid scalability.


Could force platforms to give broad access to third parties to sensitive customer information opening the door to major security and privacy issues.

As every business becomes more tech-enabled, and as we venture into a new normal of online purchasing, and remote work and this is everything that could be said here

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Take Action

Many small businesses survived COVID-19. They might not survive Congress.

As Congress considers sweeping antitrust legislation to forcibly intervene in the digital economy, digitally-powered small businesses from around the country are making their voices heard.

Protect American Small Businesses

It’s time to tell lawmakers: don’t hurt small businesses that rely on digital tools.

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