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Small Business Advisory Board

Advisory Board

Alfred Mai

ASM Games – San Francisco, CA
Alfred Mai started his tabletop gaming company after being disappointed with the lack of fun card games available. Alfred and his wife created their own games and started selling them on Amazon, using Amazon’s low-cost fulfillment program to pack and ship all their products and sell them on Amazon Prime. Today, Alfred’s card games are…

Frankie DiCarlantonio

Scaffidi Restaurant Group – Steubenville, OH
The Scaffidi Restaurant Group is a multi-brand Foodservice Corporation proudly serving Homemade Italian Food designed to provide customers the feeling of “Grandma’s House on Sunday.” Frankie DiCarlantonio and his family, the Group uses Google Ads and Keyword Optimization to push their search results to the top of the page and posts photos of delicious meals…

Kristin Rae

Inspire Travel Luggage – Bloomington, IL
Kristin Rae started her luggage company because no one sold a leak-proof toiletry case that held all her full-size beauty products. After failing to sell her bags at trade shows and to retailers, Kristin started selling on Amazon, and the results were life changing. She sold thousands of bags within the first 18 months on…

Jill Taft and Joel Roodman

Logic Products – Fairfield, IA
Jill Taft started Logic Products to provide shampoos and conditioners for all members of the family and pet-safe grooming products using plant-based and natural ingredients. After spending countless nights and weekends packing and shipping every single order, Joel Roodman joined as a partner and Logic Products took advantage of Amazon’s fulfillment center and its online…

Tayde Aburto

Special Advisor
Tayde Aburto is the CEO of the United States Business Association of E-Commerce. Originally from México, he moved to San Diego in 2006, and has spent the last 14 years helping over fifteen thousand small businesses succeed in the digital economy. In 2008, Tayde founded the Hispanic Chamber of E-Commerce. Tayde has demonstrated a passion…

Clark Twiddy

Twiddy & Company – Outer Banks, NC
Clark is the President of Twiddy & Company, an asset management and hospitality company celebrating 45 years in business along North Carolina’s famous Outer Banks. Clark has served in a wide range of public, private, government, and non-profit roles over his career in seats ranging from volunteer to Chair. He is a father of two…