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Revitalizing Milwaukee through E-commerce

Founded by Lilo Allen and Tiffany Miller, Bronzeville Collective MKE in Milwaukee sells the handcrafted goods and art of more than 25 Black, Brown, queer, and ally creators. Allen is proud that her small business is “one of the few retail spaces in the city that celebrates not only Black culture but the culture and…

September 14, 2022

Why Aren’t Policymakers Listening to Small Businesses on Anti-Tech Legislation?

Over the past two years, there has been a forceful effort by a coalition of unusual parties that have been working to completely rewrite America’s antitrust laws and upend the digital economy, hurting small businesses in the process. Progressive members of Congress seem hellbent on punishing success, conservatives claiming private entities that remove hateful or…

August 22, 2022

Creating 21st Century Careers in Appalachian Kentucky

Payton May helped found Bit Source to give coal industry workers the opportunity to learn and transition into software development professionals as Appalachian Kentucky’s mining industry faced economic collapse. As Bit Source’s team of former coal miners learned how to code and develop websites and apps for their clients, the company was able to attract…

August 15, 2022

Creating New Black History Using Digital Tools

A few years ago, sparked by her mom’s ALS diagnosis, Renee King set out to change the world by building an artificial intelligence platform that would help improve disabled people’s quality of life. While she still believes the idea was solid, it failed when she couldn’t secure funding. This experience inspired Renee to find another…

August 11, 2022

Using Digital Tools To Protect Our Environment

SaLisa Berrien, Founder and CEO of COI Energy, a startup that helps businesses eliminate energy waste and save lots of money in doing so. Businesses use their app platform to communicate with utility companies and other businesses about available capacity they have to offer to cut down on energy waste. When businesses act on their…

August 3, 2022

Following in her Family’s Footsteps

When Sara Irvani took over her family’s shoemaking business, Okabashi, she was determined to maintain the consistent quality of Okabashi’s products while ushering the company into the digital age. In 1984, when Irvani’s grandfather started the business, about 60% of all shoes sold in the country were made in the U.S. Now, it’s closer to…

July 25, 2022

Coffee for the Community

Juanny Romero started Sunrise Coffee in 2008 to create a coffee shop focused on making friends, drinking good coffee, and eating foods made from scratch. Founded in Las Vegas at the start of the Great Recession, Sunrise Coffee is the city’s longest-running independent coffee shop and has since expanded to four locations.  Juanny has used…

July 21, 2022

A Bird’s Eye View of Digital Tools

Jenna Ahern spent ten years working in the automotive industry and saw firsthand how businesses changed when Google Ads was first introduced. Jenna observed the knowledge gap between executives and marketing departments as technology advanced, and in 2012 she started Guardian Owl Digital in Louisville, KY, to close that gap and help guide companies’ digital…

July 19, 2022

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