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Generating Buzz for Small Businesses

Small business owners are at the heart of SBO Buzz. Salil Gandhi founded the digital marketing agency in 2016 after years in corporate advertising. He recognized that while the internet is the greatest resource for small businesses today, for many, it has also become their greatest challenge.  With the enormous breadth of information online, it…

June 18, 2022

Digital Tools Are Sweet For One Small Business

Alex Salazar grew up in Los Angeles, with a heavy influence of Mexican culture. His love for traditional Mexican products and candies led him to start Chilitos with his wife in 2021 and create “the perfect blend of sweet, sour, and spicy.” Even though their funding was limited, Alex & his wife continued to find…

June 16, 2022

Helping Small Businesses Sell Online

With more than 20 years of e-commerce experience, Scott Moller co-founded Year 5 to help small businesses manage the many intricate and ever-changing details of what it takes to sell successfully on Amazon. Year 5 utilizes digital tools to allow its clients to be fully and properly represented, from listings to advertising and everything in…

June 15, 2022

Small Business Grips Digital Tools

Kevin Brown is the co-founder of Friction Labs, a Denver-based business that makes performance products to improve athlete’s grip. Before starting Friction Labs, Kevin was a science teacher and ran marketing and sales at a few tech companies. But Kevin always wanted to own a business, so he finally took the plunge and opened a…

June 14, 2022

Modern Digital Tools Aid Olde’s Offerings

Olde Man Granola was founded around the beauty of simplicity and the desire to bring tasty, natural foods into American homes. “Our original nut granola only has six ingredients, and you can understand them all,” says owner Trevor Plaza. The business started after Trevor’s parents, Mark and Fay, shared their homemade granola with friends and…

June 3, 2022

Natural Solutions Embrace Online Platforms

Jill Taft never intended to start her own company. However, an unexpected elementary school lice infestation changed everything. When her daughter came home from school with lice, Taft went to her local pharmacy to purchase an over-the-counter treatment, but it was filled with harsh toxic chemicals and did not work. Jill discovered that other parents…

May 25, 2022

Amazon Helps One Small Business Travel Farther

Personal frustration led to business success for Kristin Rae, founder of Inspire Travel Luggage in Bloomington, IL. As a frequent traveler, Kristin couldn’t find a good leak-proof toiletry case that could hold full-size beauty products. So, she designed her own prototype and eventually found a manufacturer to mass-produce her new toiletry bags. That’s when things…

May 23, 2022

Teaching the Next Generation the Value of Digital Tools

Joey Womack has always been an entrepreneur who saw the value in digital tools. He started his first digital business in 2002 – a social RSVP site that helped event organizers use analytics to promote their events better. His online community grew to 80,000 users, and Joey advertised events for Fortune 500 companies and during…

May 23, 2022

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