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Harnessing Digital Tools for Healing

Branch Basics was started in Austin, TX by three women who were on a mission to help people remove toxic chemicals from their homes. Today, the company is based in Minnesota and operates entirely online, using many free and affordable digital tools to sell its products and find customers.

Starting their website proved much easier than opening an entire storefront and hoping for foot traffic. The company began to see dividends almost immediately. An entire customer base out there craved the exact products Branch Basics offered. They started using targeted Google and Facebook ads to identify possible customers around the country. They’ve also harnessed the power of social media, including Instagram and influencers, to spread the word about their products.

During the pandemic, the Branch Basics team used Google Workspace, including documents and meetings, to stay in contact and continue delivering quality cleaning products to their customers.

“Digital tools have allowed us to realize the company’s fullest potential,” says CEO Tim Murphy. “It would have been impossible to build this business without these tools, and we continue to rely on them every single day.” 

As Congress debates whether to pass legislation that could make digital advertising products more expensive or harder to use, Murphy has a message.

“Lawmakers need to understand that passing bills to control Google and Facebook could end up hurting little guys like us. I encourage them to connect with small businesses before doing anything that could have unintended consequences.”

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