Member Benefits

Member Benefits

Small businesses like yours are the core of the American economy and community. Your success requires hard work and access to the right resources. Today those resources mean digital tools like online marketing, web services, and mobile platforms that reach to new customers, increase efficiency, and grow your revenue.

Small businesses utilizing digital tools and technologies to grow their businesses can join the Connected Commerce Council at no cost. Members can access these exclusive benefits:

Access resources and discounts

  • Online classes and a library of programs
  • Partner discounts, additional levels of service, and more
  • Directory of FAQs and support options for your favorite digital tools

Participate in local training and events

  • Local events provide hands-on education and skills development for small businesses
  • National network of mentors

Be an advocate for your business

  • 3C educates federal and state policymakers on the importance of technology to small businesses
  • 3C fights for small businesses and against new rules and laws that could unintentionally harm your business with overly broad and ill-informed regulation
  • 3C connects small businesses directly with elected officials, providing a unique and valuable voice to the regulatory and legislative process.

Stand up for connected small businesses and enjoy the benefits of membership. To join at no cost, simply fill out the form below. For more information about 3C, membership, and its benefits contact:

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