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3C President Jake Ward Blasts Judiciary Committee for Ignoring Small Businesses, Weaponizing Antitrust Law

June 23, 2021 (WASHINGTON, DC): Connected Commerce Council (3C) President Jake Ward made the following statement during the House Judiciary Committee’s markup of antitrust legislation that will undoubtedly hurt millions of small businesses.

The House Judiciary Committee shouldn’t be rushing to pass legislation, without a single legislative hearing, that will hurt small businesses just as we emerge from the devastating pandemic. American tech leaders provided small businesses with digital tools and resources that carried them through COVID shutdowns and restrictions and offered hope for a stronger, resilient future. They should be celebrated, not vilified.

“Congress is unhappy with technology companies, but their frustration is political. The far wings of both parties believe the other party is weaponizing Big Tech, so their response is to weaponize antitrust law. But antitrust law is not a political tool for Congress to wield on a whim. 

More than 6,000 small businesses and their supporters have told Congress they are wrong, but lawmakers continue to ignore them and it is beyond insulting. Congress should stop grandstanding and start listening to small businesses by supporting the recovery and the digital economy.”

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