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3C Statement on DOJ-Google Ads Lawsuit That Would Harm Small Businesses

Washington, DC (Jan. 24th): Connected Commerce Council (3C) Executive Director Rob Retzlaff released a statement responding to the Department of Justice (DOJ) lawsuit against Google’s advertising practices.

“Today’s news of DOJ’s lawsuit against Google’s ad-technology business is deeply concerning to millions of America’s small businesses, from restaurant owners to online product sellers and publishers. Research shows that digital advertising is a critical part of small businesses’ growth strategies, with nearly 80% of small business advertisers agreeing that digital ads both contribute more to their revenue, and help them reach customers better than traditional ads like TV and radio. Google Ads helps level the playing field and empowers small businesses to compete with the biggest brands with billion-dollar marketing budgets by providing affordable, highly effective ways to reach target audiences, drive sales and instantly understand the ROI with free high-quality analytics.” 

“Breaking up Google’s ad-tech business will mean higher advertising costs, less effective ads, and less powerful analytics for small businesses, when small businesses are already faced with rising costs and a looming recession. What’s more, research shows more competition in the digital marketing space than ever before, with new entrants gaining market share and legacy companies offering more and more ways for small businesses to advertise on their sites.”  

“Policymakers need to finally understand that the digital ecosystem is a powerful tool for small businesses, and disrupting a critical part of that ecosystem, like advertising, will have serious economic repercussions.”

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