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A Better Treat

Los Angeles, California

Boris Chung founded A Better Treat in 2020 out of concern for the unhealthy ingredients in the food they were feeding their dog, Emi Bear. Chung sought a healthier, more nutritional alternative to the “meat byproducts” and synthetic ingredients often found in typical dog food and treats. 

Fast forward to today: A Better Treat, which is 100% family-owned, has developed a freeze-drying process to remove preservatives and additives from their pet food products while retaining more vitamins and minerals. This innovation aims to help customers’ pets have healthier and longer lives.

Chung credits online platforms such as Amazon and Chewy for getting the business started and helping sell their products successfully. Chung also invests in digital marketing tools like Google Ads to reach more potential customers and increase the company’s online exposure, contributing to features in prominent media outlets like BuzzFeed and Reader’s Digest.

Digital tools have enabled A Better Treat to bring healthier pet food to pet owners nationwide. Chung hopes that today’s digital ecosystem remains in place and isn’t destroyed by proposed laws and regulations that could make it harder and more expensive for small businesses to succeed online. 
To learn more about A Better Treat and its high-quality pet food products, visit:

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