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AI: Empowering Small Business Voices

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is spurring innovation across industries and is changing how companies operate, offering significant benefits to small businesses, including improved operational efficiency and cost savings. With rapid AI development and the ongoing call for regulating the technology, it is critical that policymakers prioritize the interests of small businesses. If policymakers overregulate AI, it could make it more expensive to develop and use new AI tools, hurting small businesses the most as they are starting to benefit from AI-powered tools.

But policymakers can’t read your mind and shouldn’t enact new policies without talking to all stakeholders. That’s why it’s crucial for small businesses to tell policymakers what matters most – because if lawmakers don’t hear from all stakeholders, laws and regulations may not reflect their real-world impact.

Given the high stakes and increased pressure on regulating AI, it’s critical that small businesses get involved by:

Staying Informed 

AI is a complex and quickly evolving technology that can be challenging for small businesses to navigate. Fortunately, ample resources are available to help small businesses learn the different AI-powered tools and how they work, and you can contact us if you’re interested in learning more about how AI can help your business. Many digital tools currently utilized by small businesses, such as online advertising, are powered by AI. Knowing what tools are available and how they work will help businesses better run and grow their companies. 

Engaging With Us 

3C helps small businesses understand complex public policy issues in Washington, DC, and state capitals to help business leaders advocate for what’s best for their business. Our team works with small businesses to give them the tools they need to advocate effectively with policymakers to help make their voices heard. 

Taking Action with 3C

If you are concerned about how new regulations might make AI-powered small business tools more expensive or more challenging to use, let us know. We can help you write to your local, state, and federal lawmakers to share your perspective and concerns. With over 30 million small businesses employing 60 million Americans, small businesses play a vital role in influencing policy.

AI-powered tools present tremendous opportunities for small businesses. By empowering small businesses and helping them make their voice heard, we can ensure policymakers consider your priorities and concerns before enacting new laws or regulations that could impact your business.

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