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An Old-School Workout Tool Goes Digital

Kettlebell Kings is the brainchild of three friends—Jay Perkins, Nehemiah Heard, and Chad Price—who wanted to build a company that would bring people together and make them happier and healthier. Their company sells kettlebells online, and includes at-home workout programs and online training sessions. 

Instead of selling in chain sporting good stores, where competition for limited shelf space is fierce, Chad and co. decided to sell their products exclusively online. They sell through their website and through the Amazon Marketplace, where they use Fulfillment by Amazon services and are a certified Amazon Prime seller. 

Google Ads and Google Analytics, and an active presence on Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit, help drive traffic to both their website and Amazon store. Chad believes their digital mindset helped Kettlebell Kings standout before COVID-19, and helped the company thrive throughout the pandemic.

“Digital tools – and a lot of hard work – are the reason our company took off so quickly. COVID-19 proved the value of those tools as people were stuck at home and needed to stay healthy and take care of their bodies. The internet and all of its wonders made it a lot easier for people to find us,” said Chad.

Chad is extremely concerned as Congress debates antitrust legislation targeting the same companies that help him grow. “When Congress understands how we operate and succeed then they will recognize that attacks on digital platforms can rebound to hurt us. And if Congress really cares about small business, then these bills will not become laws – they will end up in the trash heap with other bad ideas.”

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