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Artist Uses Tech Background to Build Digital Art Start-Up

Dina Ayoub, Founder of Dee’s Fine Art
Redmond, Washington

Starting her career in the tech industry, Dina Ayoub knows the importance of digital tools in the business world.  Dina moved from her native Egypt to Washington State, where she worked as a program manager at Microsoft for more than six years.  However, Dina felt compelled to explore her creative side and after a decade in the tech industry, she left to become an artist. Dina utilized her experience to launch her own entrepreneurial venture, Dee’s Fine Art.  She uses professional grade materials to create oil and acrylic paintings, as well as jewelry, to foster a personal creative outlet and provide works of art to her clients.

Dina’s work in the tech industry has made her conscious of all the positive benefits that digital platforms contribute to small businesses.  Advertising her art on Instagram and Facebook allows potential customers to connect with Dina and find what they like. Other tools such as Command provide insight into what marketing strategies are working and help identify adjustments she can make to maximize exposure.  Dina also offers art tutorials and lessons that subscribers can access through Patreon, and relies on apps such as Wave Financial and PayPal as essential tools to keep small business compliance costs down.

Art is all about feeling, and the emotional response to a work of art is the essence of what customers are looking to appreciate.  Like many other small businesses, Dee’s Fine Art relies on technology solutions to find clients and showcase its products. Digital tools are critical for entrepreneurs to succeed, and that is why Dina became a member of the Connected Commerce Council (3C).  Dina shares 3C’s goal of ensuring that small businesses have access to the platforms and solutions they need to thrive in today’s marketplace.

Learn more about Dina and Dee’s Fine Art here.

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