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ASM Games Wins Big with Amazon

Alfred Mai started ASM Games in 2017, after being disappointed with the lack of fun card games available when he and his wife hosted game nights with other couples. They took matters into their own hands and created their own games, using Youtube to teach them everything they needed to know about graphic design, manufacturing, and how to import and distribute to consumers. 

They started selling on Amazon. Sales were slow at first, but one day a viral tweet led to ASM Games selling more units in two hours than in the previous 200 days. The surge was a blessing and a curse, as it was difficult to keep up with so many customer orders. Luckily, Amazon’s inexpensive fulfillment service took all of the packing, shipping, and delivery off their hands.

Amazon’s shipping and logistics support has allowed Alfred and his wife to focus on building the business, and sales have continued to grow with the help of advertising on Facebook, Instagram, Google, and Twitter. “It is a huge weight off our shoulders to know we don’t have to worry about packaging and delivery and customer returns each day,” said Alfred. “I don’t know where we would be without all these digital tools and the time they freed up for us.”

When Alfred thinks about Congressional action to regulate large tech companies, he worries that no one is considering the impact on small businesses. “Bashing Big Tech may get legislators the headlines they want,” he said. “But Amazon and Google’s size and scale are what has allowed my business to grow, and I don’t want them dismantled or changed in any way that could harm our company.”

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