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BandwagonFanClub Takes First Prize With Digital Tools

After receiving his MBA from Clemson, Harold Hughes knew he wanted to use the power of his education to bring people together, and he found the opportunity close to home – his passion for the Clemson Tigers. Two days after receiving his degree, Harold set up the LLC that would become BandwagonFanClub, Inc. an experience technology company that delivers solutions to help fans and consumers connect with their favorite artists, athletes, entertainers, and brands

He didn’t have investors or lots of money but Harold quickly found that Google, Twilio and Amazon could save him thousands of dollars with free and affordable email, scheduling, video meeting software, and cloud storage.

COVID-19 challenged Harold’s team in ways they never anticipated. BandwagonFanClub acquired IdealSeat, a company that connected event organizers to customers of virtual concerts and plays, and they used affordable Google and Facebook ads to target new customers for these offerings. The acquisitions and affordable digital tools allowed the business to continue growing through a very difficult time. Remarkably, BandwagonFanClub grew over 200% during the pandemic.

“Digital tools helped me bootstrap my business when I barely had a dime in my pocket. Now, they are an integral part of our business plan and have allowed us to grow and succeed in ways I never thought possible,” said Harold, who has a message for lawmakers who want to pass laws disrupting the digital economy.

“BandwagonFanClub, Inc. was inspired by how I wanted to impact my community for the better. I urge Congress to consider how their good intentions may impact the startup and small business communities negatively, and far beyond what they imagine.”

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