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BikeWorld was founded by two avid bicycling enthusiasts, Huth Smith and Martha Emmons in 1987. Since its establishment, BikeWorld has founded, sponsored or strongly supported every major bicycle event, operation and facility in Western Kentucky. “The fabric of a place is best discovered by bicycle,” Martha says.

In an average year, BikeWorld will help local non-profits raise over $50,000 for good causes, while also donating products, labor and expertise to schools, playgrounds, charities and organizations, including free bicycle parking racks to businesses. In turn, a large part of BikeWorld’s success can be attributed to the local community, with the majority of their sales generated by Western Kentucky locals.

The company sells their bicycles and biking accessories and gear primarily through their brick and mortar location, which drives 95% of their revenue. Any online sales revenue is generated from their web store, which is powered by Smart E-tailing. Martha says, “With a product like bikes, it’s easier to guide customers through the ride and the feel of the bike at the store rather than online.”

Martha believes bicycling can bring people together to improve bodies, minds and communities. Together, Hutch and Martha plan to continue to invest in BikeWorld’s brick and mortar store, ensuring customers continue to have the opportunity to find the best bike for them.

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