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Small Business Advocates in Action

Across the country, small business leaders have stood up, taken action, and made their voices heard on critical public policy issues that directly impact American small businesses. It’s inspiring to see these small businesses come together and share their stories, making a significant difference in the policy landscape.

From voicing concerns about new regulations impacting digital advertising to advocating for a national privacy law, small businesses have been at the forefront of driving change. The dedication and commitment to advocacy from the 3C small business community have truly been remarkable. In 2023,  dozens traveled to Washington, D.C., to meet with Congressional leaders over National Small Business Week. Several participated in Congressional briefings. Many got their op-ed published in their local newspaper and spoke at press conferences to amplify their message. Also, over the Congressional August recess, three small businesses, including eCreamery, Scaffidi’s Restaurant, and Janus Motorcycles, hosted Members of Congress and their staff at their places of business. 

These advocacy accomplishments would not have been possible without the passionate and dedicated small business leaders who stepped up and made their voices heard. Their proactive engagement in shaping public policy demonstrates the power of collective action and the impact small businesses can have on the important decision-making process.

Small businesses face just as many issues this year as they did last year. Policymakers in Washington, D.C., and state capitals nationwide need to hear from you before making decisions that could significantly help or hurt your business.  

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Check out these “Advocates in Action” from the last year


Small business leaders like Mihir Chheda (Nested Bean), Lisa Ferreira (LCF Design), Adebukola Ajao of (Destiny African Market), Juanny Romero (Mothership Coffee),  Stephanie Wigenton (Wigenton Candle Co.), and Cece Meadows (Prados Beauty) joined us on Capitol Hill to meet with Congressional offices to discuss how technology and digital tools are driving growth and success for their businesses and share concerns with proposed digital economy regulations. 

Small Businesses Speak Up on Digital Advertising Law

Florida business owners Alex Fedorowicz (QRxLabs), Morgan Overholt (Morgan Media LLC), Diego Sampaio (Globalfy), and LaKita Anderson (Simply LaKita) traveled to Tallahassee to meet with Florida legislators about the importance of data-driven digital advertising to their businesses. Their stories help improve the Florida Digital Bill of Rights for small businesses relying on digital ads to run and grow their business. Alex and LaKita also authored opinion articles sharing their concerns. 

Hosting Members of Congress

Several small business leaders, including Abby Jordan and Becky App (eCreamery), Frankie DiCarlantonio (Scaffidi’s Restaurant Group), and Richard Worsham (Janus Motorcycles), hosted Members of Congress and their staff at their respective places of business. Each gave their representatives a deeper understanding of how their business derives immense value from digital tools.

Debunking Myths and Misconceptions about Amazon

In 2023, dozens of small business sellers with insights and experience selling on Amazon spoke to local and national reporters during virtual press conferences. The small sellers set the record straight on the Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) lawsuit to disrupt the popular online marketplace. These small business leaders included Joel Roodman (Logic Products), Evans Richards (reVend), Will Haire (BellaVix), Alexander Fedorowicz (QRxLabs), Melissa Horvath (Sweet Water Decor), Greg Amundson (InstaTrim), Beth Fynbo (Busy Baby), and Deanna Slamans (Naturally Nature).

Sharing Their Story with the Press 

Small business leaders like Cassidy Tuttle (Succulents and Sunshine),  Alfred Mai (ASM Games), and Clark Twiddy (Twiddy & Company) took to their local papers, blogs, and media outlets to voice their concerns about legislation that could adversely impact their business. 

Visiting Their State Capitals to Meet with Representatives

California-based small business leaders Edgar Diaz (Lucy’s Inc.), Cesar Torres (Dap It), and Chudi Iregbulem (Beatmatch) met with staff from the offices of State Senator Smallwood-Cuevas, State Senator Josh Becker, Assemblymember Phil Chen, and State Senator Dave Min to discuss concerns about potential California legislation that could make digital tools they use from platforms like Google and Amazon harder to use and more expensive.

Briefing Congress on How Digital Advertising Works

Brian Spears (BabyChick), Ese Ofurhie (ENSPIRE Magazine), and Morgan Overholt (Morgan Media LLC) briefed Members of Congress and their staff about how they use digital ads to drive revenue, engage new customers, and grow their businesses. Their remarks helped lawmakers gain valuable insight into the small businesses perspective, especially in light of Sen. Mike Lee’s AMERICA Act, which threatened to make digital ads more expensive and less effective for small businesses.

Encouraging Other Small Business Leaders to Advocate 

Cece Meadows (Prados Beauty), Cassidy Tuttle (Succulents and Sunshine), and Khiry Kemp (Oppti, acquired by Stemuli) shared their advocacy empowerment stories and stressed the importance of small business leaders getting involved in issues that impact their businesses during a webinar. The webinar also marked the public launch of our Small Business Advocacy Toolkit, which contains information about the critical policy issues for SMBs and effective ways for SMBs to take action. 

Future Opportunities

As we launch into 2024, small business leaders are continuing to make significant strides in advocacy. From speaking at local events to meeting with elected officials, the voice of small businesses remains crucial in shaping policies that could impact your business. If you’re interested in learning more, email us today to get involved. Together, we can continue to make a powerful impact on the decisions that matter. 

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