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Europe’s Big Tech Myopia Undermines Small Business Digital Safety Net

COVID-19 is surging again. European health officials are ordering more lockdowns, quarantines and travel restrictions. This is the time when small business owners, facing a financial tsunami of locked-down customers and economic headwinds, should invest in Digital Safety Net tools and services that can help them survive. But in a classic case of bad timing…

November 12, 2020

House of Reps “Big Tech” Indictment is Full of Small Businesses Pitfalls

Details matter. In the case of the House Judiciary Committee Democratic Staff Report that calls for dramatic changes to how America regulates the Internet, it is astounding how many details the Report got wrong. Once again, Congress has demonstrated it simply does not know how Internet technology and e-commerce work. Millions of digitally empowered small…

November 5, 2020

Mr. October or Mr. Whiff? Chairman Cicilline Strikes Out on Long-Awaited Antitrust Report

It was Game Seven in the World Series of Antitrust, and all eyes were on Rep. David Cicilline as he strolled up to the plate. Fourteen months of interviews, millions of documents reviewed, and multiple hearings had Silicon Valley and regulators around the world holding their collective breath. But instead of coming up big in…

October 19, 2020

Congressional Report on “Big Tech” Should Worry Small Businesses

Amidst the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression – when our nation’s leaders should be boosting our economy and helping small businesses – Rep. David Cicilline has lost his way. Rather than working to expand the Digital Safety Net that has helped millions of American small businesses survive during the COVID pandemic, the House…

October 6, 2020

Sunrise Coffee: Serving Up Coffee, Community and Connectivity During COVID-19

For Juanny Romeo, coffee has always been brewed with a little bit of hardship and a whole lot of community. A former barista, Juanny opened her first coffee shop on the first day of the Great Recession in 2008. Now, she owns three (soon to be four!) Sunrise Coffee cafes and couldn’t think of anything…

July 6, 2020

Goodr: Feed More, Waste Less, and Digital-First

While feeding people on the streets of Atlanta in 2013, Jasmine Crowe was angry. She knew that every year, millions of Americans suffer from the effects of food scarcity – and yet, huge amounts of edible food are dumped in landfills.  So, she decided to do something about it.  Today, she is CEO of Goodr, a…

June 26, 2020

Peeko Oysters Has Hope for a Digitally-Enabled Future

Oyster farming is a tough business – but CEO Peter Stein’s determined grit as an oyster farmer served him well when the COVID-19 pandemic took everyone by surprise. Peter has always been interested in aquaculture. When he found himself laid off from a job in the educational software industry, he decided to turn a difficult…

June 12, 2020

New Study: Majority of US Small Businesses are Optimistic, Digitally Empowered and Resilient in the Face of the Covid-19 Crisis

WASHINGTON, D.C. (May 27, 2020) A report released today by the Connected Commerce Council (3C), in partnership with Google and conducted by LRWGreenberg, finds small businesses are optimistic about reopening their businesses, empowered and fortified by digital tools and services, and resilient in the face of the COVID-19 crisis.  Digitally Empowered: How Digital Tools Power…

May 27, 2020

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