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BlueHenry uses Digital Tools to Enhance Cocktails

Capitol Heights, MD

Adrienne Walker of Capitol Heights, MD, loves entertaining and wanted an easy way to take her parties up a notch. With a passion for craft cocktails and a background working at the Food and Drug Administration, Adrienne created BlueHenry, a cocktail garnish company that sells all-natural dehydrated fruits and glass-rimming salts and sugars.

Adrienne started selling on Etsy in 2018 and has expanded to Faire, Amazon, and selling wholesale. Amazon’s shipping and logistics service, Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), saves Adrienne time and money by handling warehousing, packing, and shipping, all at a lower price than if she did it on her own. Using FBA also helps Adrienne qualify for Prime, which ensures her products get delivered to customers in one to two days. She also uses Amazon Ads to reach specific shoppers interested in buying her unique products. 

Digital tools and online marketplaces transformed BlueHenry from an idea to a successful nationwide business. Adrienne hopes policymakers understand that changing how digital tools operate could harm small businesses like hers that operate on constrained budgets and rely on proven tools to amplify their businesses in ways that they do not have the physical or financial resources to achieve independently.
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