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Building a Brand with Digital Tools

Diane Cortes describes herself as “part of the resignation generation.” After over 25 years doing marketing and HR for corporate America, she saw the opportunity to create her own niche combining the two when COVID-19 sent office workers home. In October 2020, Diane started Acumen Strategist, which manages e-marketing and offers a one-stop human resources service for companies both big and small. 

Free and low-cost digital tools are an important part of Acumen’s success. Acumen helps clients grow their social media presence on free platforms like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram. They also implement optimization strategies that make it easier for people to find their clients through search engines like Google. 

On the HR side, Acumen uses sophisticated software to help clients with staffing and onboarding new employees. They also design employee portals on company websites, and create employee handbooks, offer letters, employee agreements, and more.

Digital tools don’t just help Diane’s clients; they also help Diane grow Acumen. Social media helps her spread the word about Acumen and generates client referrals. Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and WhatsApp helped her team communicate during the pandemic. 

Diane loves the support that she and her clients get from digital tools. But she is frustrated that some in Congress are considering legislation that would break up important services from companies like Google and Facebook, while ignoring small business concerns. She hopes lawmakers don’t make a mistake and pass legislation that regulates digital tools that help small businesses grow and compete. If the tools that help Acumen and its clients succeed become more expensive or harder to use, it will increase Diane’s costs and limit her clients’ success.

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