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MedHaul: Providing Critical Medical Transportation For Those In Need

When Erica Plybeah founded MedHaul in 2017, she never could have anticipated its life-or-death importance only three years later. MedHaul – which has been called the “Uber of specialty medical transportation” – is making a difference by managing patient transportation to and from medical offices, clinics, and hospitals during COVID-19.  The company has been 100% digital and…

Digital Marketing Lets This Small Business Hold On To Its Hat

Thanks to digital marketing and e-Commerce, a former pastor’s hat factory is still able to delight customers during its busiest season. In her Patriot-News op-ed, Rev. Georgiette Morgan-Thomas says she “never planned to be in the hat business” and was close to retiring in 2015.  But her passion had other plans: she says she “couldn’t…

Joining the fight against COVID-19 in NYC

3C member Alex Dabagh is in the heart of the coronavirus pandemic in more ways than one. He lives in New York City, the current epicenter of the outbreak in the United States, and he is a small businessman whose livelihood is at stake as Americans isolate themselves to contain the virus.

Member Highlight: Studley’s Flower Garden

Spring is the busiest season for companies like Studley’s Flower Garden in New Hampshire. For this second-generation family-owned company, the onset of COVID-19 seemed to happen at the worst possible time — especially given the short growing season in New England. But, while initially a scary time for Molly and her team, the pandemic affected…

Member Highlight: GORUCK

The rucksack is more than just a bag. It’s a way of life. That’s how one husband-and-wife team in Florida sees it at least. This military-style hiking backpack has also provided them with a great way to make a living and an even better way to sustain and grow like-minded communities across the country.  The…

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