Surviving Coronavirus

The spread of coronavirus has understandably left many on edge—and many small business owners wondering what, if anything, they should be doing. What can they do to prepare? What should they do to respond to employee concerns today? What will they need to keep in mind if the virus spreads to their own place of work tomorrow?

We at 3C understand and share these concerns. We would like to provide some resources that small businesses can use to prepare and keep their employees and customers as safe as possible. Check out these Small Business Survival Tips.

This is a difficult and confusing time for many in the small business community. The full extent of the problem is not yet known. Beyond the obvious health risks, the potential economic impacts will leave many businesses worrying about what the future will hold. While no one can predict the factors outside our control, there are many smart and practical things we can all do today to prepare and set a stronger course for the road ahead.

Following health and safety guidance from the CDC is the most important action small businesses can take. Utilizing available digital tools can offer many great ways to limit the disruption. We encourage all small businesses to look through the resources listed below to develop and implement a plan.