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Digital Tools Are Sweet For One Small Business

Alex Salazar grew up in Los Angeles, with a heavy influence of Mexican culture. His love for traditional Mexican products and candies led him to start Chilitos with his wife in 2021 and create “the perfect blend of sweet, sour, and spicy.” Even though their funding was limited, Alex & his wife continued to find ways to leverage technology and market their chamoy candy in all 50 states.

By placing all their efforts on the quality and taste of their candy, Chilitos soon saw business explode, resulting in more than 5,000 orders in its first 10 months.

“We were founded on the internet and wouldn’t dream of opening a storefront because of how convenient it is to sell online.” says Alex.

Founded during the pandemic, Chilitos has relied heavily on digital tools to facilitate business growth. With Alex’s love for ad strategy, he utilizes Google Ads to optimize Chilitos’ business opportunities and website, creating more web traffic and more customers. Google Ads alone bring close to 1,000 customers to the Chilitos website each day. They also use email marketing, text message marketing and social media to generate traffic and sales

Tools like Google Business Profiles and Maps have also helped Chilitos grow. To capitalize on the traffic of its online business, Chilitos hopes to reach more customers by selling its incredible candy through UberEats and virtual liquor stores. 

Digital tools empowered Chilitos’ growth and success through challenging times, and they can’t afford to see digital tools become more expensive. Alex hopes Congress remembers the importance of digital tools to Alex’s small business success.

“The idea that Congress could pass a law that destroys how Google works is truly frightening. I don’t know what would happen to my business, and I’m not interested in finding out,” says Alex.

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