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Digital Tools Empower InstaTrim to Help Contractors Nationwide

Scandia, MN

Greg Amundson of Scandia, MN, knows construction. He built homes on the North Shore of Lake Superior for almost 30 years and in 2010 used his expertise to create InstaTrim, a less-messy caulk alternative for contractors and homeowners.

Greg started InstaTrim as a two-person operation and leveraged technology to grow it into a multimillion-dollar company. His sales come from online marketplaces like Amazon, which expose his products to millions of shoppers. Amazon also provides Greg with inexpensive and time-saving warehouse and shipping services, as well as the Prime badge that shoppers know and trust. He also uses digital advertising to reach people who want to buy his products and determine how to reach them best.

“We choose to use Amazon warehouse, delivery, and customer services because they save us money, guarantee Prime delivery in two days or faster, and outsourcing lets our team spend time growing our business instead of packing, labeling, and shipping orders,” says Amundson.

Greg is worried because misguided legislation and lawsuits from the federal government could make the digital tools and online marketplaces he uses to run his business more complex and expensive. He hopes policymakers understand the value these tools and marketplaces bring to small businesses nationwide and that disrupting them will have major consequences. 
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