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Digital Tools Help Marketing Agency Find Success

Missoula, MT

When Gabe Silverman of Missoula, MT, was 16, he started designing websites and founded his own company, Gecko Designs. He continued running his company in college, making websites, printed materials, and ad campaigns in his dorm. Today, Gecko Designs is a full-service marketing, creative, and web development agency serving companies from Montana to London and everywhere in between. 

Gabe uses digital tools to run and grow his business in the most efficient way possible. Google Workspace helps Gabe streamline communication, planning, and collaboration with his employees by providing tools like email and calendars. He also uses Google ads to help his clients find customers affordably and efficiently. Digital advertising is an effective way for Gabe’s clients to attract their target audiences and grow their businesses without breaking the bank.

Digital tools help Gabe run and grow his marketing business, but he is concerned because policymakers are trying to pass legislation like the AMERICA Act that would make digital tools and advertising less effective and more difficult to use. Gabe hopes Congress understands how important these tools are for small businesses and that disrupting how they work could hurt his bottom line.

To learn more about Gabe and Gecko Designs, visit

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