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Digital Tools Light up Evergreen Applied Technologies

Chris Lewis is a self-proclaimed “data and analysis freak” who loves to dissect projects. After graduating from college, he started working in the commercial lighting industry, designing, building, and selling custom lighting fixtures.

Lewis recalls how companies were strictly regional, only serving a relatively small area. But one of the first companies Lewis worked for started using e-commerce to sell their products nationwide. Inspired, Lewis began his own lighting fixture business, heavily relying on digital platforms to promote and grow his company. Digital tools, Lewis found, allowed for better transparency and choice for customers, and the honesty he showed them was well received. Evergreen Applied Technologies grew and grew, and in turn, Lewis continued to invest in digital tools like Google Shopping and Google Ads.

Google Shopping allowed customers around the globe to find the business, and Ads allowed Lewis to reach potential customers like developers and electricians. The free analytics services Google offered allowed Lewis to understand which advertisements were most successful and how to maximize their reach.

Low-cost digital tools have allowed Evergreen Applied Technologies to scale from regional to international, providing customers with a best-in-class selection of products and prices no matter where they are.

“I probably could not have gotten my business to this place without digital tools,” said Lewis. 

But Lewis is worried about Congress’s proposed laws that could lead to Google products becoming more expensive or difficult to use. While he appreciates that some people believe that ‘big tech’ is too big, he wants to remind people that the tools and services offered by large digital platforms are helping him thrive.

“I’m sure it is not Congress’ intention to damage my business,” says Lewis. “But that may be the outcome if something doesn’t change – so I hope Congress hears me and businesses like mine on this important issue.”

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