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Empowering Students to Overcome Boundaries with Oppti

Manhattan Beach, California

Khiry Kemp founded Oppti to empower high school students by providing a digital platform that connects them with internships, volunteer opportunities, career skills training, and work-based learning opportunities in partnership with employers and school staff nationwide. Through Oppti, Kemp aims to facilitate career readiness and professional development for students, ensuring accessible and meaningful career-building experiences regardless of their location or background.

As an education technology company, Oppti harnesses digital tools to drive its innovative approach to overcoming hurdles in professional development. Its platform features a user-friendly interface, offering students various career development opportunities tailored to their interests. The team also leverages social media platforms, including Instagram, TikTok, and LinkedIn, to promote Oppti’s mission and services.

In April 2023, Oppti merged with Stemuli, a gaming company at the forefront of AI, education, and workforce development. Now serving as Stemuli’s Head of Operations, this merger enables Kemp to advance Oppti’s mission by incorporating AI to enhance career development tools. This integration will increase Oppti’s ability to fulfill its goal of helping students navigate their professional development journeys. 

Kemp is passionate about ensuring his voice and those of other small business owners are heard by policymakers. Through his advocacy work, Kemp has discovered that “[small business] voices do make a difference,” particularly in ensuring that “as legislation starts to form, [small businesses and startups] are [kept] in mind” regarding their access to digital and AI-enabled tools. He urges business owners to “keep an eye on” these tools and relevant legislation to ensure “there’s nothing that comes our way that jeopardizes the growth” of small businesses—especially those utilizing AI tools—or the protections business owners have over their companies.

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