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Experience Summer in New England with Seawicks Candle Company

Edgecomb, ME

Inspired by his cottage in Edgecomb, ME, Michael Gaffney created Seawicks Candle Company to encapsulate everything he loves about New England summers. With fragrances from strawberry picking to salty seas, Seawicks’ hand-poured soy wax candles can transport anyone to summer on Maine’s coast.

Michael began by selling his candles in a small storefront in Damariscotta, ME. Now, they’re available in over 350 stores nationwide, including specialty retailers like Whole Foods and L.L. Bean. Michael also expanded his products to include home decor and fall and winter-inspired candles.

Michael credits much of his growth to digital tools like online advertising, which attract customers and expand his reach beyond Maine. Google Analytics provides critical insights into his advertising, like which demographics he’s reaching, how well the ads perform, and how to improve results. Michael recently started using artificial intelligence (AI) tools, like ChatGPT, to access in-depth marketing analytics and create more engaging social media content. 

Digital tools helped Michael grow his business from a small town in Maine to storefronts nationwide, but he is concerned that policymakers are trying to overregulate online tools and platforms, making it harder for small business owners to run and grow their companies. He hopes policymakers understand how important digital tools are for rural small businesses before making decisions that could have serious consequences.
To learn more about Michael and Seawicks Candle Company, visit

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