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FanFood Hits a Home Run

First started by Carson Goodale as a college student in 2014, what began as a concessions ordering app for stadiums soon grew to become a contactless ordering platform for locations and businesses of all kinds. Today, FanFood has more than 300 signed deals with high schools, minor league baseball teams, colleges, drive-ins, hotels, resorts and arenas.

Following graduation, Carson worked to develop the business from his dad’s basement, meeting with investors and crowdfunding to get the backing the company needed. To scale their business, the team turned to digital tools. Inexpensive Google and Facebook Ads placed their app at the top of people’s smartphones, which helped them find more individual customers and new clients that wanted to bring FanFood to their venue. Google Analytics helps them track the ads effectiveness, while AWS tools help them better understand the customers using the app.

Carson says digital tools are an important reason for their steadfast growth and continued opportunities to serve new customers and markets around the world.  

“Starting a small business has never been easier because of the digital tools at our fingertips,” said Carson. “But not everyone understands how to use these tools, and fewer recognize the risks small business owners like myself are facing with possible regulation of these companies.” 

“Making digital tools more effective for small business owners should be the priority, rather than limiting our access to them,” he said.

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