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Firsthand Tech Experience is Better Shared

For Ryan Berry, technology is practically part of the family. From building his first computer with his stepfather, an IT specialist, to helping his friend’s parents set up their computers, he knows the value technology creates and shares it with others. In 2012 he decided to make that passion a business and started Berry Digital Solutions to help other small businesses grow with digital tools.

Berry’s business employs many of the same digital tools that it recommends to over 200 clients. The company’s digital infrastructure is Google Workspace. It uses Google Ads to reach new potential clients and Google Analytics to ensure that ad campaigns optimize reach and cost.

Ryan knows that his 11-person business, and the businesses he serves, don’t have the budgets to compete with larger companies’ million-dollar advertising campaigns or teams of dedicated specialists. Ryan credits e-commerce platforms and digital tools with enabling small businesses to connect with clients nationwide.

Ryan says many of his clients wouldn’t be in business today without digital tools. And he worries that new laws and regulations would make online and digital tools more expensive and less effective, which will make it harder for small firms that don’t have dedicated IT and digital marketing staff. 

“I know Congress has a job to do, but the digital economy already works for countless small businesses like mine and the firms we advise. Instead of beating up on Google and Facebook, Congress should make it easier for small businesses to learn more about digital tools and incorporate them into their business models,” says Ryan.

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