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From Baking to Coaching Entrepreneurs: Shennice Cleckley’s Digital Journey

Lexington, SC

Shennice Cleckley started her entrepreneurial journey in 2003 when she opened a bakery in Lexington, SC. She learned so much from starting her own business that she decided to help others do the same. In 2018, she founded Smart Cookie Coaching, a results-driven coaching service that equips small business owners with the tools they need to elevate their businesses.

Shennice advises entrepreneurs on which digital tools to use to run and grow their businesses. She helps them define their target customers and use Google Ads to find and attract that exact audience. Google Analytics provides data on which ads are most effective, which helps small business leaders make informed decisions and changes to improve results. Google Trends also gives Shennice’s clients insight into what consumers are interested in, while Google Business Profile helps them appear higher in search results with information like their website, phone number, and address.

Shennice leverages online tools and platforms to help entrepreneurs enhance their businesses, but misguided legislation could make these tools harder to use and more expensive. Small business owners like Shennice want policymakers to understand the immense value digital tools provide businesses and refrain from passing laws that could have serious unintended consequences.
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