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Introducing: 3C’s Digitally Driven Assessment Tool

At 3C, we understand the valuable role digital tools play in acting as a lifeline to small businesses everywhere. Throughout the course of the pandemic, we’ve realized these tools served as a Digital Safety Net – and as the country emerges from COVID-19, businesses everywhere are relying on online tools and services to recover, grow and thrive.

After working with 15,000+ small businesses across the U.S. and Europe on our series of Digitally Driven reports, we consistently found that education is the single greatest barrier to digital tool adoption. In order to help lower that barrier, we developed a Digitally Driven Assessment Tool to help connect small businesses with the learning materials required to build their knowledge and skills around digital tools and expand access and awareness of the digital safety net

Through this short, five-question assessment, small businesses will find out what their level of digital adoption is compared to other small businesses within their industry. Users will also discover what other businesses think about digital tools based on their comfort level prior to COVID-19 and how many businesses increased their use of digital tools during the pandemic.

This assessment also provides businesses with customized resources based on their unique needs to help them solve some of their most critical challenges to operating and growing a business. From learning how to reach more customers to selling products and services online, our assessment delivers a series of resources tailored to small businesses’ needs – and opens the door to future learning opportunities (like 3C’s workshops with resources like Grow with Google, Amazon Business and more).

We are thrilled to offer our members and the small business community this free tool to help efficiently guide and develop digital skills. Try the Digitally Driven Assessment for yourself here.

Have you already taken the assessment? Let us know what you think by filling out our survey here.

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