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Founded in 1955 by Jay Lehman to serve the local Amish population with non-electric household goods, Lehman’s has grown into an international brand, shipping products all over the world. Family owned and operated for over half a century, Glenda Lehman Ervin, Jay’s daughter, stepped into the business after college and today acts as the Director of Marketing. Over the years, Jay’s mission has remained true to Lehman’s practice – to provide a simpler way of life in chaotic times.

Lehman’s operates one (massive) brick and mortar store that Glenda describes as the “Rolls Royce of hardware stores.” There are a number of sections within Lehman’s where customers can buy houseware, home heating equipment, plants, preserved food, and more.

They also operate a web store, run a print catalog, list products on Amazon’s, Walmart’s, and eBay’s online marketplaces, and participate in homesteading trade shows to sell their products. The company is considering listing products on Etsy as well.

Lehman’s customers live all over the world, in second homes, on islands and mountains, and where electricity is unreliable or non-existent. “It takes high tech to sell low tech,” Glenda describes. Lehman’s web store drives their largest share of revenue, followed by their print catalog, their storefront on Amazon’s online marketplace and finally, their brick and mortar store.

While domestic sales make up the majority of their sales revenue, Lehman’s has grown over the years to supply missionaries, homesteaders, environmentalists, second home owners, and even the chronically nostalgic with authentic products that work for life in all 50 states and over 100 countries. “Today, Lehman’s exists to help people take their next step on the journey to a simpler life,” says Glenda.

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