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Member Highlight: Beddy’s

Betsy Mikesell and Angie White used to be jogging partners. Today, they run one of Utah’s fastest-growing small companies. The path that took them there is anything but typical—which of course, for most small businesses, is typical. 

Here’s the Beddy’s story: Betsy was desperate for a way to motivate her twin boys to do a chore every child hates—make the bed. She worked with her mother to create a new kind of zippered bedding she hoped would do the trick and then recruited Angie when she saw the potential for more. The two didn’t have much experience starting a business at the time, let alone run one. They forged ahead anyway and, thanks to the digital tools at their disposal, were able to develop a business around their trademarked design. Today, Beddy’s has a staff of 15 and a sunny outlook for the future. Even amidst the worst pandemic in decades, Beddy’s was able to power through thanks to its embrace of digital technology.   

“We’re super grateful for these tools because they are what enabled us to build this business,” Angie says. “I also know we’d be out of business right now without our digital tools — no question at all.”

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