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Member Highlight: BirdieBox

As Congress and policymakers tackle issues within the technology sector, it is crucial they consider the small businesses that directly benefit from digital tools, services, and platforms that larger companies provide – of which BirdieBox is one.

A luxury gifting business with a penchant for curating, customizing and packaging prestigious gifts, BirdieBox uses digital tools to serve clients in collegiate sports, entertainment, golf, and corporate America. 

Source: BirdieBox

While BirdieBox maintains a brick-and-mortar space in Miami, Florida, the company relies on online communication to conduct new business acquisition and client management. 

Operating Partner Michael Myers calls digital tools like Google My Business, Dropbox, QuickBooks, Trello and Salesforce the “central nervous system” of the company that “allow us to organize and communicate with one another.”

“There’s no question that digital tools will play a major role in whatever we do,” he says – and small businesses around the country agree.

85% of small businesses report that digital tools are critical to their success. Congress must create a policy environment that respects the interest of small businesses like BirdieBox to ensure success stories like theirs.

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