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Member Highlight: CareAcademy

The U.S. has long suffered from a shortage of qualified direct care workers. Nigerian-immigrant Helen Adeosun, a former practicing caregiver, thought someone should do something about that. Her solution was to build CareAcademy, a digital-first business that empowers senior home care professionals to build businesses of their own in the home care industry, pairing online training with easy-to-use technology. 

Before the onset of COVID-19, Helen’s education and upskilling platform had already helped many caregivers pursue continuous education for themselves and improve the quality of care for their patients. After the pandemic struck, her business used a host of digital tools and a range of in-demand digital content to help CareAcademy become a rallying point for health-focused small businesses and workers across the country.

The business was able to not just survive but thrive during the pandemic, thanks to its strong focus on digital connectivity. But, from Helen’s perspective, what the company was able to do for small health-care businesses nationwide and the patients those companies serve is most important. “I’m proud of our role as a high-growth startup helping drive the creation and success of small businesses across the country overall,” Helen says, “but I’m especially proud of how our digitally-driven company was able to step up and provide resources that help others save lives.”

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