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Member Highlight: Goodr

Millions of Americans suffer from the effects of food scarcity every year. At the same time, huge amounts of edible food are dumped in landfills. Jasmine Crowe knew that was wrong. It made her angry. And so, she decided to do something about it. 

Today, she leads a digitally-driven food-management company that has successfully diverted millions of pounds of excess food from landfills and towards those who need it most. From tracking surplus food from pickup to donation to delivering real-time social and environmental analytics, Goodr is what Jasmine likes to call “food’s best friend” — in other words, getting food to where it can do the most good. 

Because Jasmine’s business is digital-first, she was able to continue and evolve this mission during a time of heightened food crisis. Not only was Jasmine’s digitally connected team able to continue diverting food to places it was needed most when COVID-19 hit, but Goodr was actually able to develop new capabilities including a platform for those looking to donate groceries to families in need.

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