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Member Highlight: Madeworthy Media

Victoria Wise’s small business success story started on Facebook – and led to her being named one of the 400 most influential people in Fort Worth, Texas.

Wise’s publishing company, Madeworthy Media, began as a Facebook group called Tanglewood Moms for Fort Worth. Over the course of four years, the group blossomed into a blog and business directory, followed by Madeworthy Magazine

With a team of freelance writers and three full-time employees, Madeworthy Media has become a staple in the Fort Worth community, covering subjects ranging from sustainability and technology to arts and entertainment. 

Source: Madeworthy Media

From its inception, Madeworthy Media has relied on digital tools to keep business booming, from maintaining its Facebook roots to using products like Basecamp, G Suite, WordPress and MailChimp to help its team stay organized. 

Wise says she sees technology as the hub of her business – and that the government must recognize small businesses’ reliance on accessible, affordable digital tools:

 “Members of Congress should know the value Google unlocks for publishers like me and the journalism we are able to provide because of it.”

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