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Member Highlight: Peninsula Party Rentals

As Feliciano Zavala writes in the San Francisco Chronicle, he is amazed that his Palo Alto-based party rental business is going so strong nearly a year after COVID-19 almost knocked it out. Following a Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) and loan and a revised focus on smaller events, Peninsula Party Rentals is finally getting back to normal in a reopening economy.  Yet, just as Zavala’s company seems poised for an exciting future, he sees Congress advancing legislation that could really hurt his business and others like it.

Zavala cites digital advertising and marketing as “game-changers” for his business—and calls Google Ads its “secret weapon.” “When the business first opened, we bought expensive phone book ads that were utterly useless,” he recalls. “We turned to Google Ads and increased sales by 900%. Digital advertising is low-cost and effective. Without digital ads, our business never would have gotten off the ground.” Yet, one proposal from Congress would make digital ads more expensive and less effective with less user data. “That will hurt my business,” he says.

“Congress thinks they are only targeting gigantic companies, but they are sorely mistaken. Little companies like mine are going to get whacked if these proposals become law,” Zavala says. “I wish all of Congress would stop attacking the companies that help us grow and instead start helping small businesses by extending PPP and funding digital training programs. More small businesses online will mean more small businesses are successful.”

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