Member Profile: Jeannie Franks, President of NotaryNow LLC

Jeannie Franks’ award winning service in the U.S. Air Force Reserve instilled a level of excellence that she brings to her small business. Jeannie started NotaryNow as a way for members of her community to get their documents notarized digitally, offering flexibility and access to those customers who have difficulty finding a notary public. With the assistance of new technology, she has been available to clients across her region.

The essential component that allows NotaryNow to succeed is a notary platform that facilitates secure document reception so that Jeannie can safely authenticate and notarize electronic signatures. This digital platform expands NotaryNow’s potential customer base beyond the Hampton Virginia area, to consumers across the United States and overseas. In order to help her company grow, Jeannie has also developed advertisements for social media and has taken advantage of artificial intelligence and data science to market the company to prospective clients.

Business technology solutions provide the expertise and time management skills so that Jeannie can be a one-person company, acting as the chief executive, marketing, sales and operations manager. Digital tools are vital to the success of NotaryNow and the company will be utilizing more digital small business tools so it can be competitive and viable in the marketplace. Access to digital technology is the foundation of modern small businesses. Jeannie became a member of the Connected Commerce Council (3C) to be a part of a community that works to support small businesses with access to digital tools and resources so that she can effectively apply digital solutions to her varying business needs.

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