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Learn How This Business Owner Uses Tech Tools to Charm Pet-Owners

Leesa started Furever Linked for the same reason many small business get started, because she envisioned a product that consumers would enjoy and only she could deliver. As a designer with an innate love of dogs, Leesa launched Furever Linked to provide personalized charms and accessories for customers who want to bring a piece of their best friend with them wherever they go. All of the items are designed and marketed in-house, and the company relies on the services of technology platforms to satisfy the demands of their customers.

Like many small and medium sized enterprises, Furever Linked utilizes micro-marketing techniques to reach consumers and animal lovers who may be interested in their products. Digital tools have helped her company thrive, from building a website to maintaining a presence on social media – particularly Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook. Through the use of tools like Shopify, the company can securely manage their online store, keep track of invoicing and accounting, and more easily design and manufacture the perfect accessories for its customers. Mass customization centered small businesses, like Leesa’s, do not have the resources to write their own code or create their own systems, and so they really have to lean on the data sets of larger tech companies to succeed.

Technology companies and the services they provide have made entrepreneurship easier, and they are essential to small business success. The ease that these products provide and the interconnectedness of the economy have allowed this small Massachusetts company to sell its inventory across the U.S. Furever Linked became a member of the Connected Commerce Council because access to the digital marketplace is critical for the success of small and medium enterprises, and the ability to scale customized products is the core of this company’s business model.

Leesa wrote about the Massachusetts’ technology sector and the importance of pro-innovation public policy in Xconomy back in 2018. Read more.

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