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Modern Digital Tools Aid Olde’s Offerings

Olde Man Granola was founded around the beauty of simplicity and the desire to bring tasty, natural foods into American homes. “Our original nut granola only has six ingredients, and you can understand them all,” says owner Trevor Plaza.

The business started after Trevor’s parents, Mark and Fay, shared their homemade granola with friends and family. Rave reviews led them to selling granola at local farmers markets, and they eventually opened their own store. Trevor sought opportunities to sell Olde Man Granola in regional and national grocery stores, and now they’re everywhere.

But Trevor also knew there was an untapped market of online sales that Olde Man Granola needed to leverage. Trevor refreshed the company website to appeal to a broader customer base and reinforced this brand expansion through social media platforms and Google Ads. Google Analytics allowed Trevor to track conversions and monitor the traffic of the business’s campaigns and use those findings to enhance the brand’s advertising approach. The effectiveness of these tools saw revenue increase 30 percent year-over-year in 2019. Trevor also sells on Amazon, which accounts for about 15% of their sales and opens them up to millions more customers on the internet.

Olde Man Granola is a true small business success story thanks to hard work and companies like Google and Amazon. 

“We love the services Google and Amazon provide because they’re affordable, connect us to millions of customers, and help us grow. Congress should think about that before passing laws that could needlessly impair our future success.”

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