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Mt. Vernon-Based E-Commerce Business Grows with Digital Tools

Mt. Vernon, NY

As sons of an entrepreneur, Charles Chakkalo and his brothers always dreamed of becoming business owners. They started Joey’z Shopping while in college, an e-commerce company that offers houseware ranging from cake stands to curtains, providing hard-working Americans with high-quality, affordable houseware. Charles and his brothers live by their company’s motto: “Nobody should be priced out of a comfortable home.”

Joey’z Shopping now has six retail locations across New York, Connecticut, and Massachusetts, and Charles and his brothers are responsible for the business’s online division. They sell on their website, Walmart, and Amazon to reach customers beyond the Northeast and expose their business to millions of shoppers. They also advertise on Amazon and Google, an inexpensive and effective way to attract their target audience and drive sales. These platforms provide real-time data on their ads, making it easy to improve them and get even better results.

Charles leverages online platforms to grow his business, but if the Federal Trade Commission’s recent lawsuit against Amazon disrupts the platform, Charles and other small business leaders nationwide may have to rethink their selling strategies. Similarly, proposed legislation like the New York Privacy Act could make it more difficult to use digital advertising, making it harder to attract new customers and increase sales.

“My brothers and I owe much of our success to online tools, and changing the way they operate would cause serious harm to our business,” Charles said.

To learn more about Charles and Joey’z Shopping, visit

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