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Natural Solutions Embrace Online Platforms

Jill Taft never intended to start her own company. However, an unexpected elementary school lice infestation changed everything. When her daughter came home from school with lice, Taft went to her local pharmacy to purchase an over-the-counter treatment, but it was filled with harsh toxic chemicals and did not work.

Jill discovered that other parents had the same experience with the lice treatment products they used, so she became emboldened to develop her own brand of better and safer lice elimination and prevention products. She decided to start LiceLogic, her first brand creation, made with pure plant and mineral-based ingredients and infused with natural essential oils. From there, she added other brands, and the company is now called Logic Products.

Taft and her husband, Joel, started selling her products locally and, soon enough, moved online. Social platforms like Facebook and Instagram, in conjunction with Google Ads, helped Logic Products’ straightforward brand message reach even more people, and customers responded in abundance. Before long, the company was overwhelmed by orders. They also sold on Amazon and used their fulfillment services to process and ship orders, giving the team valuable time to create new products and grow their business. And their positive Amazon reviews resulted in offers from Walmart, Whole Foods, and Chewy to sell products on their marketplaces.

“With all our digital platform success, we don’t understand why Congress is considering new laws to break up Amazon and Google – companies that help us grow,” said Joel Roodman. “Over-regulating these companies for the sake of punishing Big Tech will only harm our ability to do business cost-effectively and compete directly with the largest brands.”

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