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Omaha Small Business Hosts Rep. Don Bacon

Omaha, NE (August 22, 2023): Today, Omaha-based small business eCreamery, a local ice cream shop that makes and ships custom, individualized pints nationwide, hosted Rep. Don Bacon (R-NE-02) at their warehouse and distribution center.

Rep. Bacon toured the eCreamery facility and learned about the digital tools that co-founders Abby Jordan and Becky App use to support their store and ship ice cream through their website and Amazon. Abby and Becky also shared concerns with Rep. Bacon regarding several policy issues, including the need for a national privacy law and legislation like the American Innovation and Choice Online Act and the AMERICA Act. 

“We appreciate Rep. Bacon visiting our facility and learning more about how we succeed in today’s digital economy,” said Becky. “Digital tools and services from companies like Google and Amazon help us find customers and sell our ice cream to people nationwide. If new laws make using these tools harder or more expensive, that will hurt our bottom line.”

eCreamery started its brick-and-mortar store in 2007 and expanded to selling online in 2008. The majority of their sales come online, and their success online has subsidized their brick-and-mortar location. eCreamery uses online ads through several platforms, including Google Ads, to drive traffic to its website and find new customers. They also creatively use Amazon as a marketing platform, using traffic to their Amazon store to promote their website.

“Online ads are critically important to our business; it’s how we stand out among the crowd and compete against much larger companies. I believe Rep. Bacon appreciates the importance of digital ads and how harmful more costly, less effective advertising would be to our business,” added App.

“Small businesses are the backbone of our Omaha economy, and I am encouraged to see such an amazing success story in our community,” Rep. Bacon said. “Omaha small business leaders like Abby and Becky that are leveraging digital tools and finding success on a national scale is incredibly inspiring, and I’m thankful for their perspective on important issues impacting our small business community.”

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